Tax Debt Relief

Our experts at Advanced Tax Solutions are here to help you clear your tax debt and put your tax problems far behind you. Here we ask and answer the most common questions about tax relief, so you can pay any tax owed. Before you talk to us, it might be wise to call our tax relief helpline to see what options there are. Our best tax and debt companies will represent you before the IRS and work with you to understand every last detail of your tax liabilities, file unfiled tax returns, and identify the best options to reduce your tax burden and find savings.

If you have any questions about your tax liabilities or tax relief with Advanced Tax Solutions, we are here for you.

Technically, it is possible to pay your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe under the IRS compromise offer, known as the OIC. Here you are proposing a payment plan where the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) amount is less than the amount you currently owe. It includes a payment plan or settlement in which you agree to a deal with the tax authority, such as the US Department of Justice (DOJ) or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in exchange for a tax credit or other tax breaks. The offer of compromise allows you to settle your taxes and debts at a lower rate than your entire tax liability or tax liability of more than $1,000, but only if you reach an agreement with your IRS that agrees to payment plans or settlements with you in exchange for an offer or compromise that governs your tax credit or tax relief plan (TSP) for the amount of your debt or tax credit and / or settlements the tax liabilities at a lower amount than the full amount owed.

The OIC allows you to pay far less than you actually owe to settle your tax debt at a lower rate than your total tax debt or tax debt of more than $1,000.

The Offer of Compromise (OIC) allows taxpayers to pay their tax debts permanently at a lower rate than the lower amount they owe. The O IC compromise offer allows a taxpayer to permanently pay his tax debt for less than half the amount he owes, or more than $1,000 of the total amount of taxes for which he was taxed.

The compromise offer allows taxpayers to negotiate and settle their taxed debt with the IRS for less than half of the tax liability - a welcome fresh start. For taxpayers, this means they can compromise on their tax liabilities and significantly reduce the amount of tax they ultimately pay to the IRS.

The IRS is investigating your current financial situation to determine whether the offer is fair and whether you really need tax relief. If you struggle to pay your full tax debt, the IRS will allow you to pay your tax debt for less than you owe, in a so-called compromise offer. In the event that you cannot realistically pay all of your Tax Debt Relief Offer (OIC) and cannot repay it in full, you will consider accepting your offer for a compromise O IC.

Tax Defense Partners will work with you to reach a more workable settlement with the IRS. You need to understand how you deal with your IRS debt and the problems that come with it. If you owe taxes that you cannot pay in full or in part to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you will need the help of a tax attorney to talk to to determine whether you would qualify for the settlement program. Setting up a payment plan with the IRS requires a good understanding of your tax debt and whether you can't pay it all at once.

Our tax liability company can handle the stressful negotiation process with the IRS on your behalf. We are proud to have the opportunity to refer an IRS debt relief request to you and to help our customers significantly reduce their unpaid balances through appropriate debt forgiveness strategies.

There are several ways to get a tax reduction, and our Texas tax attorneys can help you. If you can't pay your mounting tax bill, you may need help with tax relief. Anthem Tax provides services to taxpayers in all 50 states and is a trusted tax firm that could help you pay your tax debt for much less than you owe. There are several ways to relieve tax debtors And we know that we are helping you get the tax breaks - debt - that you need and deserve.

You can use tax relief programs to set up a payment plan or negotiate a tax debt settlement with the IRS. If you cannot pay the full tax liability or if paying your entire tax bill would cause financial difficulties, you can use our solutions for tax and debt relief. If you are absolutely unable to pay your tax debt and this creates financial hardship, this option may not be suitable for you. They have the choice of either making the due compensation permanent or having a plan to fight back.

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