Jobs that don't require experience

If you are looking for a job that does not require prior experience or background knowledge, there are many entry-level jobs or positions that offer training, including online and remote working options. There are many levels of jobs out in the workplace, and people are required for every different type of position. While some jobs may have requirements, many job training options exist. Listed are some common jobs that do not require previous experience.

Creative jobs

For those at the beginner level, creative jobs are a good option. These include photography, blogging, product review, and modeling, to name a few. Additionally, if you are looking for a remote job opportunity, being a ghostwriter could be a good choice. Painting is another field that fits in the creative category, although larger jobs, such as house painting may fall under the category of physical labor. Other possibilities include sewing jobs, costume design, theater set design, online game reviews, and a vlogger on either YouTube or Instagram.

Clerical jobs

A number of job opportunities have opened as a result of an expansion in the freelance job market. Data entry and research positions are the most common jobs, and often allow for the option of working from home. An employee must be able to work with spreadsheets and do research, in addition to having good organizational skills, in order to do data entry. Resources on using spreadsheets are available on YouTube and Google.

Being a translator, or translating transcriptions, is a possible career path if you are fluent in foreign languages. Transcriptions could be for medical or legal publications.

Being a personal assistant, which may require training but not necessarily previous experience, is another route to pursue.

You can check daily on freelance websites such as and to find opportunities for clerical jobs.

Physical labor jobs

A great option for those who can handle it is physical labor jobs.  These positions often provide on site training. Doing construction, loading or unloading trucks, landscaping, painting houses, and moving furniture are all examples of physical labor jobs that do not require experience. Additionally,  being a barback, bartender, or dishwasher are options in this field. Some jobs may require more training than others, such as learning how to operate machines, safety procedures, and proper lifting techniques.

Delivery jobs

Currently there is a greater need for delivery workers. Today these are some of the most vital employees. You may need to have your own vehicle, but some employers will provide one for you to use for work purposes. Groceries, packages, prescription, and takeout are some of the items that are being delivered. The expansion of Amazon and the development of new shop-and-deliver companies, such as Shipt, is increasing the demand for delivery workers.

Customer service and sales jobs

Perhaps the most accessible jobs are in the fields of customer service and sales. Checkout clerks at a variety of store types is an option. Customer support of resolutions for chat jobs are options if you would prefer a remote position. is a site that can help in looking to be a chat help operator. also has chat and email support. While chat-help customer service jobs require training, it is provided to you. Another viable option is telemarketing which can provide a decent, livable wage. It also provides a number of opportunities to advance in your career and expand your resume.

Additional jobs you don't need experience for

While corporate or service industry jobs are most common, they are not the only jobs to pursue. More personal job such as housesitting, babysitting, dog walking, Uber and Lyft driving are also wonderful possibilities. Airport work, such as being a baggage handler or working at a ticket counter, is another avenue to explore. Do not forget that you can always turn your interest into a form of employment; for example, music fans can become roadies and/or stagehands.